Model S/X/3 Gen 2 Mobile Connector Bundle



This product is included as standard equipment with your Tesla vehicle, however, purchasing another Mobile Connector Bundle may provide extra convenience if you wish to keep one set at the home and carry another in the car.


  • 1 x Mobile Connector Main Unit (with 20 ft cable)
  • 1 x NEMA 14-50 Adapter*
  • 1 x NEMA 5-15 Adapter
  • 1 x Storage Bag

*The second generation mobile connector has a max output of 32 amps when using the 14-50 adapter.

Gen 2 Mobile Connector Bundle Owner's Manual

The standard warranty for the Mobile Connector Bundle is 1 year for over the counter and aftermarket online purchases. The Mobile Connector Bundle purchased with the vehicle is covered under the 4 year/50,000 miles (80,000km) Basic Vehicle Limited Warranty for North America.