Model S/X/3 Tire Repair Kit



Flat tires can ruin your trip, but keeping a compact tire repair kit in your vehicle will ensure you get back on the road in a snap.

The next generation Tesla Tire Repair Kit contains an air compressor to regularly top off your tire pressure and a one-piece sealant canister to patch up punctures. In the event of a puncture, simply attach the transparent hose from the top of the kit to the tire valve and connect the plug to your vehicle's 12V outlet to begin repairing the hole and filling the tire. The SENSOR safety system will electronically check for a secure connection between the sealant hose and tire valve to prevent accidental misuse of the kit.


  • 1 x bottle of sealant
  • 1 x air compressor
  • 1 x inflation needle
  • 1 x tapered nozzle
  • 1 x Tesla storage bag

Note: This product is only intended as a temporary fix. See a tire specialist as soon as possible or before driving a maximum distance of 186 mi. or 300 km on a repaired tire. If the puncture exceeds 0.24 in. or 6 mm in diameter and/or if additional punctures are found in other places on the tire tread, do not use and call roadside assistance. Do not leave the compressor on for more than 20 consecutive minutes. The damaged tire should be replaced, along with the TPMS sensor, at your earliest convenience. Replacement tire and TPMS sensor are not covered under Tesla vehicle warranty.